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Comprehensive Care for Your Child’s Vision: Total Myopia

We’re a family-driven optometry practice committed to protecting your kids’ vision. With the Total Myopia program, we can create personalized treatment strategies to help your child preserve their vision. 

Myopia (nearsightedness) is a common refractive error that causes distances to appear blurry. It’s a progressive condition, meaning your child’s visual acuity can worsen–and it can also impact their eye health later in life.

We want to help your child see clearly and comfortably. Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Creating tailored soft multifocal contacts
  • Regular follow-up appointments to manage and protect your child’s eye health
  • Individual assessments complementing your child’s treatment plan
  • A comprehensive guide on how to properly use and care for contact lenses
  • An ongoing maintenance plan with a focus on achieving lasting results

What Is Myopia Control?

If your child is straining to see distant objects clearly, they might have myopia. It occurs when the shape of the eye or cornea is too long lengthwise, preventing light from focusing accurately on the retina. Nearsightedness typically starts in a child’s early school years and continues progressing into early adulthood. The priority of our myopia control efforts is to slow down or completely stop its progression.

How Can Myopia Affect Your Child?

When a child has myopia, it’s not just their distance vision that’s affected. Untreated, it can cause physical discomfort like headaches and eye strain. 

Nearsightedness can also have an impact on your child’s self-esteem and academic achievement. When your child is struggling with their sight, it affects how they learn and how they see the world around them—over 60% of the brain is involved in visual processing.

We truly believe that preventing and controlling myopia from an early age can make a real difference in these areas—and that’s where the Total Myopia program comes in.

Spotting Signs & Symptoms of Myopia

Kids might not always tell you if something’s blurring their sight. They often don’t realize that what they’re seeing is different from what their peers are experiencing.  

Here are other signs your child might be dealing with myopia:

  • Squinting, eye rubbing, or excessive blinking
  • Developing headaches after activities that involve distance vision
  • Complaints of tiredness or strained eyes
  • Poor coordination, like bumping into things or difficulty catching objects

MiSight Contact Lenses for Myopia Control

Traditional glasses and contact lenses can correct blurriness but don’t prevent myopia from getting worse. At Griffin Optometric Group in Laguna Niguel, we offer MiSight 1-day, an FDA-approved multifocal contact lens designed to help correct blurry vision and slow eye elongation simultaneously.

With clinical evidence showing MiSight can slow myopia progression by 59%, MiSight provides a convenient option for children as young as 8. These daily disposable lenses require no cleaning or storing, making them easier for kids to handle.

Why Does Early Myopia Detection & Management Matter?

Myopia can affect more than what your child can see. It can also have negative effects on their overall eye health. Myopia progresses due to axial elongation–the eye continues to grow lengthwise, which can cause eye tissues to stretch and weaken. High levels of myopia can lead to sight-threatening conditions developing later in life, like cataracts, glaucoma, myopia macular degeneration, and retinal detachment.

At Griffin Optometric Group in Laguna Niguel, eye health is our focus point. By managing myopia from an early age, we can slow down the progression to help safeguard their vision.Don’t wait for a stronger eyeglasses prescription or risk your child’s eye health. Schedule your child’s eye exam to learn more about our comprehensive Total Myopia program.

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